Kiwi Multisport

About us

Living in Nelson and being part of the Nelson Triathlon and Multisports Club, we came to realize that there was no facility in the top of the South Island for members and individuals to look at, try and purchase multisport products in person. The only way was to take the risk of buying from the internet and hope the purchase was suitable. Thus Kiwi Multisport was born.
Kiwi Multisport is run by experienced multisport athletes and coaches, whose sole purpose is to provide tried and tested products, at competitive prices, to fellow multisport individuals.

Meet the team



Gareth has been involved in triathlon for over 7 years, both competing and behind the scenes. He has been involved with local Triathlon clubs as a committee member and also ran his own triathlon events business in the UK.

Coming from a Sport Science background, he has always been interested in all sports and the science behind them. From this he became a Level 2 Triathlon coach through Triathlon England.

Gareth has a fountain of knowledge regarding triathlon and is always happy to pass this onto those who need help and assistance.