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2B is a long-lasting, 100% natural insect repellent effective against all biting insects, including sandflies and mosquitoes.

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2B is a long-lasting, 100% natural insect repellent effective against all biting insects, including sandflies and mosquitoes.

A thorough application of 2B in the morning can last most of the day, expect up to 8 hours. This makes it one of the world’s longest-lasting natural repellents. With 2B you’ll end up smelling a little like lemon cake, delicious to people but not to bugs!

2B’s coconut oil base is odourless and gives great coverage without leaving a greasy film on the skin. 2B is water-resistant so doesn’t wash off when you sweat or swim in natural water in the same way that products containing solvents and alcohols do. 2B also doesn’t react with your suncreams like chemical repellents often do.  2B’s unique formula means the action of the essential oils is maximised to give far longer effectiveness than a single essence can provide in a candle or ointment form.

Chemical repellents used to be the only products that could give lasting protection and most contained DEET.  This is a pretty strong chemical that should not be used for extended periods for health reasons, and will attack nylons and plastics like camera, sunglasses, gortex or fishing line. As a result many people (including us!) chose not to use and we certainly would never use it on our children. There really is no need to use these old repellents now that Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus has been proven to give the same performance as the most effective chemical repellents.

Kids, New Mums & sensitivities

Essential Oils are powerful, and that is why they have so many great applications. It is also why they can be unsuitable for a few people and for very young children.  Treating infected bites can lead to a lot more problems than using a good repellent so it is important to do your homework and choose well.

We don’t recommend 2B is used on babies under one year of age, and for under three’s we recommend you consult a pharmacist or doctor that can take into account any particular medical history and advise you on safe use such as patch testing.  If you do use 2B on a very young child then cover what skin you can, and then apply aiming for minimal body coverage focusing on the legs, arms and neck only. Finally wash off any skin product when not needed.  Adding repellent to bedding is not recommended as it is not particularly effective, but the use of non-chemical bed netting is recommended.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding women can have unusual responses to all sorts of smells, body products and foods.  We recommend the same advice as for very young children to consult a pharmacist or doctor before deciding what product is best for you and how best to use it.

Most people with allergies are excellent at self-management and know what works for them and what doesn’t.  If you haven’t used any of the ingredients before then patch testing is an easy way to ensure that 2B is right for you.