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These compression shorts by Compressport are seamless, ultra lightweight, breathable and designed to optimize postural alignment, ideal for swimming, biking, and running. The new Pro Racing Triathlon Compression Shorts offers the most compression (15mHg) and are the lightest in the market (99g for size T1).


These triathlon shorts with true compression properties incorporate the same thigh compression offered by the Compressport ForQuad. Combined with our exclusive triathlon pad featuring non-compressive sections around the seat and waist for additional comfort, these shorts are the perfect choice for your next triathlon race or training session.


Compression Shorts

Inspired by medical compression, Compressport’s compression shorts are designed to enhance pressure on the muscles, accelerating the flow of blood, allowing oxygen to reach the muscles and eliminate toxins quickly. The results? A speedy recovery for back-to-back exercise and prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness and edema.


Above knee pressure: 7-9 mm Hg. Up tight pressure (under the line): 15-18 mm Hg.