Uvex have been developing innovative personal protective equipment since the company was founded in 1926. The majority of products are manufactured in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Fürth (Bavaria) has been the site of uvex's headquarters for more than 80 years. Today, the family-owned company is managed by the third generation, and the fourth generation are now also waiting in the wings.

Dark Silver/Green

Uvex i-vo c Helmet

A beginner friendly allrounder with perfect fitting and outstanding styling. The uvex i-vo c bike helmet is ready for every situation and every track.

$159.00 NZD


Uvex i-vo Helmet

uvex i-vo cycling helmet performs superbly in all situations, whether you ride a road bike or take it to the trails.

$149.00 NZD


Uvex Kid 2 Helmet

Get the uvex kid 2 bike helmet on and off you go! Excellent protection for kids from the very beginning!

$79.00 NZD

Orange Mat/Shiny

Uvex Quatro Helmet

It's a QUATRO!! The brand new all-mountain helmet by uvex! Outstanding features meet fantastic flat-compact design.

$229.00 NZD

Black Mat

Uvex Quatro Pro Helmet

The allmountain top bike helmet model uvex quatro pro guarantees a sporty-aggressive Enduro look with a low cut rear and an aerodynamic spoiler.

$269.00 NZD


Uvex Race 1 Helmet

The uvex race 1 professional cycling helmet doesn’t just look good, it provides superb ventilation and protection for maximum performance.

$299.00$160.00 NZD