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Zone3 are proud to be one of the leading triathlon brands in the world, establishing themselves as one of the most exciting and forward thinking brands on the market. Their approach has always been product-first and this philosophy has helped them achieve the highest industry reviews based on speed, comfort, price point and innovation.

Zone3 Activate Tri Top Mens

The Zone3 Men’s Activate Top is lightweight, breathable and flexible with an updated panel design, which allows for a tighter fit and prevents rubbing and friction.

$90.00$45.00 NZD

Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Tri Top 2018 Mens

The Zone3 Aquaflo Men’s Tri Top has been specially engineered combining Aquaflo™ and revolution X fabric, with Airflo mesh panelling to maximise ventilation and comfort while optimising temperature control.

$110.00$50.00 NZD

Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Tri Top 2018 Womens

The Zone3 Aquaflo Top combines Aquaflo, Airflo and Revolution-X fabrics to lower water drag, increase ventilation and optimize temperature control.

$110.00$50.00 NZD

Zone3 Aquaflo Plus Womens Tri Top

The new ‘Aquaflo Plus’ range takes our award winning Aquaflo collection to another level.

$110.00$50.00 NZD

Zone3 Kids Adventure Tri Shorts

Made from the same fabrics as our adult’s Activate tri apparel

$65.00$40.00 NZD

Zone3 Kids Adventure Wetsuit

The Adventure wetsuit is designed with a lot of the features used in the adult collection but with some slight changes to make them more specific for age range.

$259.00$139.00 NZD

Zone3 Mens Cosmic Jammers

The Zone3 Men’s Cosmic Jammers have been designed to combine Zone3’s Xfinity compressive and stretch fabrics, allowing the swimmer full flexibility while providing a comfortable and supportive fit, a streamlined profile within the water, and 100% chlorine resistance.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Mens MF-X Jammers

The Zone3 Men’s MF-X Jammers have been specially designed in collaboration with Olympic Swimmer and former World Champion, Mark Foster.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Mens Versa Swimrun Wetsuit

Based on the Zone3 Evolution, the Versa has been designed as a stripped-down version to give newcomers to Swim-Run a high performing suit at an entry level price point.

$400.00$150.00 NZD

Zone3 Neoprene Heat Tech Gloves

These innovative swim gloves are some of the warmest available on the market, perfect for those who suffer from cold hands or swim through the spring, autumn or winter.

$70.00$45.00 NZD

Zone3 Swim-Run Multi Use Race Belt

Zone3 Swim-Run Multi-use Race Belt

$60.00$38.00 NZD

Zone3 Vanquish Mens Wetsuit

$899.00$469.99 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic 2.0 Strap Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s Cosmic 2.0 Strap Back Costume is a stylish, Italian-made costume, which uses a combination of fabrics including Zone3’s Xfinity durability fabric with 100% chlorine resistance.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic Bound Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s Cosmic Bound Back Costume design provides the swimmer with close supportive fit, that allows for full flexibility in both the legs and arms.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic Classic Costume

Stylish cosmic galaxy design print.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens MF-X Bound Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s MF-Xfinity Bound Back Costume is designed in collaboration with former World Champion and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

$75.00$35.00 NZD