Gloworm XS Lightset (G2.0)

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Our feature packed Gloworm XS (G2.0) is mated with the Power Pack 10 for maximum brightness and class leading runtime.




Our feature packed Gloworm XS (G2.0) is mated with the Power Pack 10 for maximum brightness and class leading runtime. The XS is the perfect balance of weight and output making it light enough for helmet and bright enough for the bars. Combine its 2800 lumens with the convenience of a wireless remote and Mobile App customisation and you've got the perfect partner for your next after hours escape.

Gloworm Link Mobile App
Gloworm Link makes customisation of your light simple and convenient. Link allows you to select between 1 and 4 light levels and the type of light pattern for each level- Fixed or flashing. You can program the intensity of the fixed beam from 1-100% or choose from one of three flashing patterns. Link will also provide current battery charge and diagnostic information.

Default Settings

  • Low (20%) / Medium (70%) / High (100%).
  • Special mode: Disrupted flash pattern

Special mode is activated by double clicking the button when the light is off. This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam. The light is turned off by holding the button for appx 2 seconds.

Key Features

  • 2800 Lumens
  • 3 hours runtime at max brightness
  • Wireless TX Remote (G2.0)
  • Customisable Beam Pattern
  • Mobile App Compatibility
  • Detachable Power Cable

NOTE - G2.0 lights are not compatible with G1.0 batteries


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