Kiwi Multisport

Pool Swimming

Aqua Sphere Alpha Swim Fins

The ultra soft EVA foam make the Alpha Fins 70% lighter than traditional swim fins and provide unparalleled comfort.

$50.00$40.00 NZD

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr Goggles

Made for youth ages 6-15. With its unique, oversized lens design, the Kayenne combines expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame.

$40.00$27.00 NZD

Aqua Sphere Vista Jr Mask

Made for youth ages 4-13. The Vista Jr features the best in Aqua Sphere technology, with a comfortable, leak resistant skirt and a ­contoured, stylized frame.

$45.00$30.00 NZD

Camelback Eddy 750ml Bottle

The eddy™ is a reusable spill-proof, BPA-free bottle redesigned to give you better flow and even better durability.

$34.99$27.00 NZD

Crampfix 50ml Bottle

CrampFix® offers athletes FAST, RELIABLE & EFFECTIVE Cramp Management.

$13.50$9.50 NZD

Crampfix Quickfix Shot 20ml

New QuickFix CrampFix SHOT single serve sachet, 20ml.

$4.95$3.95 NZD

Epoch Performance & Recovery - New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Capsules

Made from Endurrants™ a proprietary blend of New Zealand sourced Blackcurrant extract which contains high strength Anthocyanins & Polyphenols that may support your bodies performance, wellness & recovery.

$30.00$20.00 NZD

Foggies Individual Towlettes 6 Pack

FOGGIES is the only anti-fog towelette that not only defogs, BUT CLEANS the lens at the same time!

$17.00$12.00 NZD

Garmin Quick Release Band 20mm

Stay stylish and sport-ready with these adjustable, quick release bands for your compatible Garmin watch.

$55.00$45.00 NZD

Junior SurfEars Earplugs

JUNIOR, earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they are able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water.

$49.99$39.99 NZD

Manuka Performance M+ Body Fuel 500gm


$37.00$28.00 NZD

Manuka Performance M+ Body Restore 250gm

This is the good stuff! We all know that Manuka honey is nature's wonder food. Taking Manuka honey aids the body's natural health and immune responses. Lots of research has been done to show Manuka honey has very good antibacterial properties.

$57.00$45.00 NZD

Manuka Performance M+ Liquid Fuel Gel


From $4.20$3.50 NZD

Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Fins

Alpha Pro Fins are 70% lighter than the traditional swim fins and designed to mimic a swimmers natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design.

$49.99$39.99 NZD

Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel

The Focus swim training snorkel features a unique, low-profile design that has been engineered for maximum comfort and durability, allowing the swimmer to focus solely on technique and proper body position by eliminating breathing motion.

$54.99$40.99 NZD

Michael Phelps K180 Goggle

Small goggle – big vision. The asymmetrical, anatomic lens design of the K180 offers a natural watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of vision in a low profile goggle. The soft gaskets and adjustable nose bridge ensure ultimate comfort.

$39.99$29.99 NZD

Myovolt Elbow and Wrist Kit

$175.00$125.00 NZD

Speedo Adult Opal Goggles

Comfortable racing goggle in bright, stand out colours. Hypoallergenic silicone seal and strap. 3 Interchangeable nose bridges for the perfect fit.

$35.00$23.00 NZD

Speedo Biofuse Training Fin

Biofuse Training Fins create maximum resistance in the water. Maximum resistance means more workload on your leg muscles which means increased strength and Endurance®.

$75.00$41.75 NZD

Speedo Fastskin Pullbuoy

87 years of racing knowledge focussed into a system of new training tools. Fastskin training aids - designed to make you train smart and race fast.

$60.00$41.00 NZD

Speedo Men's Endurance+ Basic Jammer

This 47cm jammer offers a sleek silhouette in the water.

$55.00$30.00 NZD

Speedo Mens Endurance+ New Zealand Jammer

Speedo Endurance+ is 100% chlorine resistant fabric stands up to everything your energetic swim sessions throw at it.

$65.00$35.00 NZD

Speedo Womens Endurance+ Leaderback One Piece

This swimsuit is ideal for training and regular pool use. Made from Endurance, an exclusive Speedo fabric designed to last longer, it is 100% chlorine-resistant to prevent snagging and fading 20 times longer than any other swim fabric.

$70.00$40.00 NZD

Tailwind Caffeinated Endurance Fuel

Tailwind’s potent energy and electrolytes are all you need to go all day. No juggling gels, pills, or chews—just pour, shake, and go.

$7.00$5.50 NZD

Tailwind Endurance Fuel

Tailwind’s potent energy and electrolytes are all you need to go all day. No juggling gels, pills, or chews—just pour, shake, and go.

$7.00$5.50 NZD

Threo Swim Cap

Designed to cope with the demands of with long hair, this eye catching swim cap is perfect for racing & training

$10.00 NZD

Zone3 Mens Cosmic Jammers

The Zone3 Men’s Cosmic Jammers have been designed to combine Zone3’s Xfinity compressive and stretch fabrics, allowing the swimmer full flexibility while providing a comfortable and supportive fit, a streamlined profile within the water, and 100% chlorine resistance.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Mens MF-X Jammers

The Zone3 Men’s MF-X Jammers have been specially designed in collaboration with Olympic Swimmer and former World Champion, Mark Foster.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic 2.0 Strap Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s Cosmic 2.0 Strap Back Costume is a stylish, Italian-made costume, which uses a combination of fabrics including Zone3’s Xfinity durability fabric with 100% chlorine resistance.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic Bound Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s Cosmic Bound Back Costume design provides the swimmer with close supportive fit, that allows for full flexibility in both the legs and arms.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens Cosmic Classic Costume

Stylish cosmic galaxy design print.

$75.00$35.00 NZD

Zone3 Womens MF-X Bound Back Costume

The Zone3 Women’s MF-Xfinity Bound Back Costume is designed in collaboration with former World Champion and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.

$75.00$35.00 NZD