Sun Protection

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Aloe Up Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 177ml

Aloe Up Kids is formulated for sensitive skin. A foundation of pure Aloe Vera Gel ensures a lightweight, non-greasy application that absorbs quickly and will not run into eyes and sting.


Aloe Up Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen 177ml

This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly after application, making it the easiest, most convenient and comfortable sunscreen for your active lifestyle.


Aloe Up Sport SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray

The Sport SPF 50 Continuous Spray absorbs quickly for a convenient and non-greasy application. Built to protect your skin even in the harshest of environments, this spray is a great solution for re-application throughout the day.


Aloe Up White For the Face SPF25

For the Face SPF 25 Daily Facial Moisturizer was developed to be an integral step in your daily skincare routine.


Aloe Up White Lip Balm Medicated SPF30

The white collection lip care products embody a blend of essential natural moisturizing oils and antioxidants assuring your lips vital moisture balance. This unique non-waxy Aloe Vera oil based formula contains medicated qualities to soothe and heal, while protecting your lips with SPF 30.


Sun Zapper Pure Zinc Sunscreen 100ml

Made with 20% Zinc, our Zinc Sunscreen Lotion will keep you protected for hours! It rubs in clear while creating a physical barrier between your skin and harmful UVA/UVB rays. With its 4 hours of water resistance, you can enjoy all of your favourite outdoor activities with piece of mind.


Sun Zapper Zink Stick

Sun Zapper broad spectrum SPF+ 50 water resistant zinc sticks provide the best sun protection without the use of parabens, artificial fragrance, animal derivatives, animal testing artificial preservatives or nano-technology.