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Blueseventy Adjustable Thermal Skull Cap

The ultimate tool for being warmer during your open water swims, the Adjustable Thermal Skull Cap features high quality 3mm Yamamoto SCS coated neoprene paired with our unique Zirconium thermal liner found in our Thermal Reaction wetsuits.


Blueseventy Synergie Swimming Paddle

Classic shape perfect for pool swimmers and SwimRunners. Multiple holes allow water to pass-through and provide various silicone tube strapping options.


Blueseventy Thermal Swim Gloves

We've improved our popular Swim Glove by dropping the webbing for a natural feel of the water and made it warmer by adding a metal cell liner that stops water absorption and maximizes warmth.


Blueseventy Thermal Swim Socks

These form-fitting neoprene socks not only keep your little toes warm when swimming in chilly waters, but they help prevent injury to the bottom of your feet when walking or running on rocky surfaces.


Foggies Individual Towlette 6 Pack

FOGGIES is the only anti-fog towelette that not only defogs, BUT CLEANS the lens at the same time! T


Sumarpo Phantom Buoyancy Short

The Phantom is a pair of buoyancy shorts that give you some buoyancy and allow you to swim more comfortably.


Sumarpo Saftey Swim Buoy 28L

This safety buoy with a waist belt can be tied around your waist, and the bright color increases visibility when you are swimming in open water.


Swimears 2.0

With SwimEars® you can easily hold a normal conversation and hear what’s going on around you without feeling isolated.